Good news, You can burn extra calories outside of the gym!

Almost always we are waiting to get to the gym to burn some calories and move our bodies.

So we are awake roughly 15 hours of the day and you are only going to be active for about an hour of that time in the gym? Not the best ratio right?

To truly make changes we have to think outside of the gym. How we can apply activity into our routine and not rely on ONLY 1 hour or so in the gym?


Simple Things

  • If you park in a parking structure, park your vehicle at the TOP (roof)! Don’t take the elevator!!!! Take the stairs and you’ve got a free cardio workout! Get some extra exercise, it’s good for you!
  • Clean the house! Who ever thought that there was an incentive to cleaning? Lol according to Pro Health doing 30 minutes of light cleaning can burn about 85 calories on a person who weighs about 150lbs. Not too shabby!
  • If you live a couple blocks or so from your kids school, walk them to and from. It doesn’t have to be everyday, start with once a week! Exercise is good for your little ones too. Get them outdoors!!

These little changes can make a big difference! Be efficient with your time and burn energy while getting your day to day tasks done! ✔️