1-on-1 online Programed Training Packages

Includes an initial 30 minute phone consultation, weekly check-ins via the Michaela’s Motto app, program adjustments made as needed, and a choice of gym or at home workouts. Programs are created based on the equipment that you have. Although no specific equipment is required, dumbbells (5-20lbs) and mini loop bands are highly recommended. These programs will be designed to compliment your specific needs and goals.

Your workouts are on your own personal portal through the Michaela’s Motto app. This is available on iPhone and Android phones. You can also use a desktop/laptop computer and/or print of your workout program. A video tutorial is provided for each exercise to ensure proper form as well as reps, sets, and weight lifted. 

6 weeks


12 weeks


1-on-1 MM Mind Body Macros Nutrition Coaching

12-Week Custom Macro Plan

• 1 initial video call consultation and questionnaire
• Ebook on how to track your macros
• Weekly check-ins via Michaela’s Motto app.
• Macro Adjustments made as needed.
• Monthly video check-ins (3 total)


What are Macros?

• Macro counting is also known as flexible dieting approach.
• Flexible dieting is the counting and tracking of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) in grams to achieve the body composition goal you are longing for.
• Your age, activity level, height, weight, and goals are taken into account when designing your macro nutrition plan.
• This is an education based lifestyle change. You will learn how to eat appropriate portions, have a good relationship with food, and work towards your goals without extremes. Counting macros can be a long term diet while maintaining a social life. This is not a FAD diet that you will stick with for a few months then return back to your old habits. You can continue this life style and technique long term or transition into intuitive eating afterwards. There is NO strict meal plan or food restrictions. Learn portion control and balance/moderation with food. In many cases this can help with food anxiety, binge eating, and improve your relationship with food.

Fitness Application

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Can workouts be done from home?

Yes, all programs can be done from home. MM Moves programs offer both at home and gym workouts plans. 1-on-1 coaching clients you can request if you would like at home or gym workouts. For all  1-on-1 coaching inquires, fill out the fitness application on the programs page. 

What do I need for the MM at home workouts?

You will need pairs of 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb dumbells + Total Body Resistance Tube and Band kit (available to purchase on the Michaela’s Motto website).

How many workouts are there per week?

MM Moves 5 day plan: Upper body (2), lower body (2), full body (1), core & cardio

MM Moves 3 day plan: Upper body (1), lower body (1), full body (1), core & cardio

All 1-on-1 coaching programs will be determined after filling out the fitness application and having the initial consultation between coach and client 

How long are the workouts?

MM Moves ranges from 45-60 minutes.

All 1-on-1 coaching programs will be determined after the completion of the fitness application and initial consultation.

Time can always be altered by perfroming fewer sets and adjusting the recommended cardio.

Does the MM Moves workout subscription include macros?

No, you will want to sign up for MM Mind. Body. Macros. program for macro nutrition coaching. Fill out the fitness application on the programs page to apply. 

Does MM. Mind. Body. Macros include workouts?

No, if you would like workouts with your macro program, you will want to purchase a training program. Although it is recommended, it is not required to purchase any training program from Michaela’s Motto to join MM Mind. Body. Macros program.

What if I want more accountability than the MM Moves app subscription offers?

Sign up for 1-on-1 coaching and/or the MM. Mind. Body. Macros program for more accountability and custom coaching with Michaela Bell. These programs are designed for you and your goals.