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Michaela Bell has a training span of 13 years in multiple states. She has danced professionally for nearly a decade with one of the world’s largest entertainment corporations, The Walt Disney Company, as well as performing on one of the United States most successful TV shows, GLEE. She has extensive training in health and wellness achieving certifications in both personal training and nutrition.

Michaela has conquered a binge and restrict eating disorder and has been able to share her journey and experience with clients who struggle with developing a healthy relationship with food. With her education in nutrition, she coaches clients through the macro nutrition process by teaching balance and moderation with food as well as educating clients on food sources and nutrients that our bodies require.

Michaela married her high school sweetheart who is a professional baseball player. With the high volume of travel that is required in baseball, Michaela has mastered how to eat well and exercise while away from home. She enjoys educating clients on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle with travel. She is also the founder of the MLB/ MiLB Spring Training Workout Event for the wives and girlfriends of professional baseball in Arizona. With both Michaela and her husband’s professional careers, she knows what it takes to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle to maintain top performance.

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